German Private Lessons in Regensburg

Private lessons for beginners and advanced

Private lessons in German for beginners and advanced in Regensburg – customized and flexible

Private lessons in German in Regensburg in all language levels from A1 to C2. You set the times for your German lessons. Starting dates as you wish!

Private lessons in German in Regensburg

Private German course in Regensburg – General Information

Times: as wished
Course duration: as wished

Course German in Regensburg

Affordable private lessons – our pricing

  • From 10 teaching units: 48 Euro per unit
  • From 20 teaching units: 45 Euro per unit
  • From 50 teaching units: 40 Euro per unit
  • From 80 teaching units: 38 Euro per unit

German private lessons in Regensburg, satisfaction guaranteed

You are only obligated to pay if you are satisfied with your first day of German lesson.

Course German in Regensburg